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Posts Tagged "Student Government"

Students Launch Chick-fil-a Box Recycling at ACE

April 26, 2023

At The Academy of Christian Education (ACE), one of the student's favorite hot lunch days is Wednesdays.  Why you might ask?  That is because Wednesdays are Chick-fil-a day.  The great employees at Chick-fil-a Reston, North Point Village package up lunch for our students every Wednesday in individualized boxes.  Each student who orders lunch that day gets a box with their name on it and at the end of the lunch period that box ends up in the trash.  That is until the ACE Student Government Association (SGA) decided to step in and create a solution. The solution they implemented is to recycle the boxes and they have gotten the whole school involved.  The SGA produced a video to demonstrate how to break down the boxes so that they are flat and how to place them into the new recycling containers.  Our students went a step further to figure out how much landfill waste their efforts would save.  They determined, with the help of a few teachers, that recycling the Chick-fil-a boxes will save 40,880 cubic centimeters of trash every week, 163,520 cubic centimeters of trash per month, and 1,144,640 cubic centimeters of trash every year.  That is quite an impact ACE students. Way to go!  

Posts Tagged "Student Government"