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Why Do Faith-Based Schools Need to Be on Social Media?

September 27, 2023
By Elisha Exevea - Axonpoint


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Posts Tagged "Modern Education"

Current American Education

March 19, 2023
By Nikki Stone

The topic of Education has landed loudly on the general public’s radar in recent years, but especially so in Northern Virginia. It seems Fairfax and Loudoun County public schools have become recurring characters in the national news cycle, and their reputations haven’t gone unmarred.

Uncertainty about the American educational system became more magnified when the covid pandemic sent students home, granting parents unprecedented access to their children’s curriculum as they attempted virtual learning. As a consequence, suspicions were both born and vindicated. Does my child’s school have the same values as our family? Does our school board have our best interests at heart? But concerns have multiplied and diversified over time as gender ideology has infiltrated the system, leaving safety lamentably compromised. “Equity” has driven discriminative actions, leaving students betrayed by their administration. The truth is, trust in the public school system is at an all-time low. As educators, The Academy of Christian Education believes these parental concerns are not only warranted, but immensely valuable. These concerns are motivating parents across our nation to flee the public schools. And this is an exodus we heartily believe worth joining.

The Academy of Christian Education is a no-nonsense alternative to modern American public schools. We’re a private institution where moral and academic standards are still upheld, undergirded by biblical principles. It’s a place where each student is affirmed as an image bearer of God, fearfully and wonderfully made; where pronouns do not change and names remain the same. We believe that childhood can and should be protected.

The Academy of Christian Education still believes in unbound academic excellence in which students maximize their efforts and increase their potential; where a student is not held back to suit another’s pace but encouraged onward to reach new heights. We reject partiality, while honoring our differences. This has been our mentality for the last twenty-seven years and will continue as our new Middle and Upper Schools expand.

When it comes to the education of children, parents have choices. Where will you lay your brick — in the debris of public education which appears to be weakening and disintegrating, or in a place committed to your child’s best? We’re building something excellent, and we invite you to join us. Together we can invest in the next generation, and through them, a brighter, more hopeful future.

Posts Tagged "Modern Education"