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Middle School

Grades 6-8 constitute our Middle School, the Logic Stage of learning. Students are given the necessary tools and facts of learning to create a strong foundation on which to build. At this stage students’ critical thinking and logic is channeled as they explore the range of subjects. Our Middle School enlivens education through an emphasis on interactive learning, where students observe demonstrations, work with their hands, and collaborate on projects.

Across subjects, students are directed to consistently apply their grammar skills of the previous stage to solidify their foundation of written and oral communication. Students are encouraged in the enterprise of truth-seeking in all disciplines, as they learn to assess the validity of arguments. Students will gain understanding on how to connect Science to everyday life through interactive demonstrations, and hands-on science labs, like dissecting frogs. Students will learn to develop reasoning, problem solving, and everyday skills though our high-level, individualized Math program. And in History, students will study Ancient Civilizations as they move to understand how our American Government was setup by our founding fathers and how they can become real-world problem solvers.

Middle School students also enjoy elective classes each semester where they will engage in classes such as culinary skills, financial planning, entrepreneurship, woodworking, sewing, student newspaper, and more!  We believe these specialty classes both aid in providing a cohesive educational experience and correlate with our accelerated curriculum.