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ACE Faculty

Our staff is made up of highly skilled educators and administrators from a variety of backgrounds who work hard to not only provide a high academic standard, but also create a safe and loving learning environment. Our students enjoy the ACE teacher to student ratio of 1:16 or better in every class. 


  Name Title
Mrs. Abrahams Abrahams, Mrs. Lower School Teacher
Miss Allbright Allbright, Miss Lower School Teacher
Ms. Bee Bee, Ms. Lower School Teacher
Mrs. Bingham Bingham, Mrs. Lower School Teacher
Miss Bradley Bradley, Miss Lower School Teacher
Mrs. Bradley Bradley, Mrs. Lower School Teacher
Mrs. Brazell Brazell, Mrs. Lower School Teacher
Miss Bully Bully, Miss Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Cobbs Cobbs, Mrs. Lower School Teacher
Mrs. Cox Cox, Mrs.
Ms. DeGroot DeGroot, Ms. Middle School Teacher
Mrs. Esposito Esposito, Mrs.
Mrs. Findlater Findlater, Mrs.
Miss Gazes Gazes, Miss Lower School Teacher
Mrs Gazes Gazes, Mrs Lower School Teacher
Mrs. Greenwell Greenwell, Mrs. Middle School Teacher
Miss A. Harding Harding, Miss A. Lower School Teacher
Miss M. Harding Harding, Miss M. Technology Teacher
Mrs. Heath Heath, Mrs. PE Teacher
Dr. Kim Kim, Dr. Music Teacher
Miss Lopez Lopez, Miss Teacher
Mrs Mateika Mateika, Mrs
Miss Miles Miles, Miss Lower School Teacher
Carla Mitchell Mitchell, Carla Lower School Teacher
Mr. Nielsen Nielsen, Mr. Middle & Upper School Teacher
Mrs. Nunez Nunez, Mrs. Spanish Teacher
Mr. Rogers Rogers, Mr. Business Manager
Mrs Rogers Rogers, Mrs Head of School
Mrs. Roque-Torres Roque-Torres, Mrs. Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Ruffner Ruffner, Mrs. Art Teacher
Mrs. Russell Russell, Mrs. Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Sammar Sammar, Mrs. Middle & Upper School Teacher
Miss Sidhom Sidhom, Miss Steam Teacher
Mrs. Smith Smith, Mrs. Lower School Teacher
Mr. Snell Snell, Mr.
Mrs. Strang Strang, Mrs. Teacher Assstant
Mrs. Sund Sund, Mrs.
Mr. Thompson Thompson, Mr. Lower School Teacher
Mrs. Toney Toney, Mrs. Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Williams Williams, Mrs. Lower School Teacher