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Lower School

Preschool (age 3) - Grade 5 constitute our Lower School, the Grammar Stage of learning. Students are given the necessary tools and facts of learning to create a strong foundation on which to build. Students’ natural curiosity at this stage is channeled as they are introduced to a range of subjects.  

The Lower School enlivens education through an emphasis on observing, memorizing, singing, chanting, and playing games. Preschool students develop small and large motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and listening skills  They master phonetic sounds, pre-reading skills, and number recognition. Junior and Senior Kindergarten begin learning cursive as they grow in a knowledge of numbers, words, time, and sentences. Elementary students master cursive and proper grammar. They continue to excel in mathematics through an individualized program, where potential is unbound. They re-enact historical events, read great literature, and marvel at God’s creativity through science. Lower school students are guided in social wellness and emotional resilience.       

ACE values a collaborative, and immersive education, as well as character building and the devotement of critical thinking. ACE students have the opportunity to engage in special classes throughout the week. We believe these specialty classes both aid in providing a cohesive educational experience and correlate with our accelerated curriculum.

Physical Education begins with our Junior Kindergarten classes and continues all the way through eighth grade. Our Spanish foreign language program begins in Senior Kindergarten classes and continues up through eighth grade. Students also enjoy art, technology, STEAM and music.