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Posts Tagged "recess updates"

Playground Updates at ACE

September 01, 2022
By Tori Beth Keller

Big changes came to the ACE playground over the Summer. We rearranged the five picnic tables in order to create more space for our students to line up when recess is over. This is especially helpful when multiple classes must line up at the same time. Moving the picnic tables that were located towards the rear of the playground allows for a much bigger basketball area for our students. Our students love the new basketball area and the new basketballs that go with it. In fact, all the balls, jump ropes and other playground toys have been replaced with new ones!

The benches on our playground got a fresh coat of blue paint. They now match the color of the picnic tables. Next to our benches are new sheds to house our equipment.

If you have a young student at ACE, they may have told you how much they love to ride on the tricycles at recess. Teachers usually had to put a time limit on the two trikes because of the high demand. Now, ACE has four new tricycles in nice bright colors. Sorry first graders and up, these trikes are for our younger students.

Over the years we have lost a few trees that used to shade our playground so ACE installed a very large sun shade. The use of this shaded area is totally up to the creativity of our students. We can see kids using the space for four square, hopscotch and more. We know our teachers also enjoy using the shaded space on hot days.

Lastly, ACE added a privacy screen around the fenced playground area. This not only gives our recess area a more private feel but it also makes our students more visible to the teachers. 

We hope you enjoy all the updates to the playground at ACE. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a look next time you visit us.