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Student Engagement

January 24, 2024
By Academy of Christian Education

ACE is more than just a high-performance academic environment. At our school we strive to give our students rich, well-rounded, and engaging experiences because we are not just shaping students—we are helping our families create a generation of young people who are excited to create, socialize, and compete.

Our new basketball team had an amazing first game just recently, tying the game with a three-point shot by Eli CN (7th grade) and going into overtime! It’s not just about winning, though; Luke G (8th grade) says that he enjoys basketball the most “because it’s really fun to run around with our friends and the coach is super nice.”

This idea is echoed all throughout the school. Our student government exemplifies the joy of servant leadership. Evan M (8th grade) loves being able to “collaborate with all the people from different grades,” and that as the Treasurer he enjoys the responsibility and creative opportunities he as with the budget. A fellow student council member, Maksim B (8th grade) says he enjoys being a part of the team “because I get to help people at ACE. I like it because I get to plan events and help ACE be a better school.”

When asked about their favorite thing at school, the eighth graders loved to talk about how much fun they have with their peers and friend groups. Gaby Q(8th grade) talked about lunch and writing stories with her friends. Sophie M (8th grade) spoke on how important it was to be close to her friends.

Our teachers believe in this too. Sarayu M (8th grade) remembers the day before our Winter Break. “We all went to classrooms and it was a free day to have with your friends and do fun activities. It’s really nice of the teachers to prepare that for us.”  

Whether you are already one of our families at ACE, or thinking of joining us, we know that you will love our rich, challenging, loving community of athletes, artists, leaders, and friends.