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Upper School

ACE is proud to announce the official opening of 10th grade this fall! Enrollment for the 2024/2025 school year is now open. We will continue to add a grade a year until we operate as a full High School Program in 2026.

Grades 9-12 constitute our Upper School, the Rhetoric Stage of learning. Students build on information and tools from the Grammar and Logic stages. Students’ knowledge widens and understanding deepens as subjects are integrated in a robust Biblical worldview. At this stage students’ critical thinking, logic, and reason is channeled as they explore the range of subjects.

Our Upper School enlivens education through an emphasis on living books, where students participate in the Great Conversation, reading and reflecting on the ideas of history’s most prolific thinkers. Students grow as researchers; they begin to regularly discern and exercise sound reasoning and valid argumentation across domains of study and communication. They learn to articulate with eloquence, persuasion, and winsomeness. They develop aesthetic, poetic, and musical taste — an ability to recognize and contribute to the good, true, and beautiful in all spheres of life. They continue to excel in mathematics through an individualized program, where potential is unbound.  They explore the elements of history through literature and marvel at God’s creativity through science.  

Upper School Electives:
Students must choose one foreign language option. Next, students must complete a full year of a physical activity course. They may choose between P.E. or strength and conditioning. Finally, students will be enrolled in a chosen elective each semester.  


Art I & II



Creative Media

Critical Thinking

Culinary Skills I & II



Music Appreciation



Woodworking I & II