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After School Care

The Academy is proud to offer After School Care and club offerings for each school day.  Kindergarten students (Toddler - Senior Kindergarten) engage i a variety of activities in  After Care.  Elementary students enjoy Homework Club, where they complete their homework and then are dismissed to play until they are picked up.
Our After Care program runs on a 2-Tier Payment Program:
Tier A: 3:45 p.m. - picked up by 5:00 p.m......$2,800.00 per academic year
Tier B: 3:45 p.m. - picked up by 6:00 p.m......$4,400.00 per academic year
Drop-In After Care is available at a cost of $30 per child.
CLICK to register for After Care 2019-2020.
*Additional fees apply for pick up after designated pick-up times.