Touch Typing

Touch typing is one of the keys to successfully learning to type quickly and accurately.  The biggest struggle students have is typing without looking at their hands.  The obstacle that many students face is the difference between doing Typing Club at home and in class.  Most families don’t have keyboard covers, but we use them every time we practice typing in class.  Many students accidentally look at their hands without even realizing.  The easiest way to help your child with Typing Club might be a simple aid that blocks their view of the keyboard.
Solution 1- Keyboard Covering Box

     This is the least expensive and potentially the most fun.  With your supervision your child could make this from a spare box.
Solution 2- Silicone Keyboard Cover
     The solution that ACE uses in the classroom is a silicone keyboard cover.  It makes every key on the keyboard blank, except for the spacebar where it shows the brand KBCovers.  This is the most expensive option and costs between $25 and $35.
Solution 3- USB Keyboard and Stickers

     You should be able to pick up an inexpensive keyboard for between four and fifteen dollars.  After your child has learned a letter, have them cover it with a sticker.  Your child can quickly and easily look for letters they have not yet learned if they need to use this keyboard for other purposes, and the stickers will not ruin your regular keyboard.  Make sure the keyboard is full sized for consistent practice.