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ACE Students are required to wear uniforms to school everyday, unless otherwise noted (i.e. Casual Days, special events, etc.).

Uniforms can be purchased from the following retailers:




Uniform Guidelines
Blouse Plain White Round Peter Pan Collar - Must be worn with jumper
*Turtle Neck Monogrammed Red or White - to be worn with slacks or jumpers
*Polo Shirt Monogrammed Red or White to be worn with shorts or slacks- not jumpers
*Sweatshirt Monogrammed from a school approved uniform store
*Sweater & Vest
Monogrammed Red or Navy Uniform Sweater -
V-Neck for boys and Crew Neck for girls
*Slacks / Shorts Navy Uniform, Twill, or Corduroy. 3rd grade and above may wear Khaki pants / shorts. Shorts must be walking style.
*Skort Navy Uniform, Knee Length.  3rd grade and above may wear Red/White/Blue Plaid skort.
*Jumper Red / White / Blue Plaid, Belted or Drop Waist - Knee Length
*Toddler Jumper Navy Uniform Jumper
Shoes Conservative, No Sandals, No Crocks, No Open Back, and No High Heels
Socks Plain Red, White, or Navy Blue (must be visible above shoe)
Belt Belt must be worn if clothing has belt loops
*Must be purchased from Uniform Store
Items that are not required to be purchased through a uniform store may be purchased from any retailer,
if they are in accordance with the ACE Dress Code Guidelines.