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Gifted Program

Students facing the twenty-first century are presented with unique challenges and opportunities.  ACE students use multiple learning methods to prepare for the future.

Math programs offered through John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Math and Reading programs designed to meet the specific academic needs of each student, and CogAT preparation courses are just a few of the many ways ACE prepares students for future academic challenges.

Students who graduate from ACE are prepared for rigorous academic programs.

"This school is a hidden gem in Fairfax County. My daughter is in her second year at this school. When I had sought out this school a couple years ago, it was to find an alternative to Day Care. What I ended up with was much more than what I could have hoped for. My daughter is learning at a rate that is amazing. They don't push her or give her too much, but they know what kids are capable of. The education here is top notch and the tuition price is extremely reasonable compared to day cares (for the 3-5 year olds) and private schools for the (1st through 3rd grades). Beyond that though, I've been extremely impressed with the staff. They are caring towards the children, and the staff, itself, is organized and structured. I highly recommend this school to other families. You will feel their warm welcome the second you walk through the doors."


 - Parent of an ACE Student, February 13, 2015