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ACE Non-Profit Organization (NPO)



ACE is Transitioning into a Non-Profit Organization


The Academy of Christian Education will transition into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which means that ACE will be a tax-exempt, charitable organization.


What Changes Can You Expect?

There will be no changes to the curriculum or how ACE operates on a daily basis. A distinct provision is the tax deductibility of donations made to ACE. The school and our students will be afforded more opportunities in the areas of scholarships, competitions, grants, and field trips.


ACE Remains Committed to Our Students, Staff, and Families

We are committed to serving our students, families, staff, and community. We will continue to provide a safe, loving Christian environment where our children can build a strong academic foundation and where they can grow in character.




ACE Non-Profit Organization (NPO) FAQ

Q: Why has The Academy of Christian Education (ACE) decided to transition from a for-profit organization to a non-profit organization?

A: Becoming a non-profit organization allows ACE to provide its students with more opportunities and better fulfill its mission.  As a non-profit school, ACE students will have to ability to compete in more academic competitions. ACE will also have the ability to apply for grants and other aid to help keep up with the new innovations in technology to teach in the classroom and to assist in providing scholarships to students.

Q: What is ACE’s mission?

A: ACE’s mission is to: “Provide an accelerated, high quality, Christ-centered education for toddlers through middle-school in a safe, loving Christian environment where students can discover their potential, learn servant-leadership and contribute positively as global citizens.”. ACE ‘s mission is the practical way ACE works toward its vision, which is to: “Prepare students to lead and serve like Jesus Christ in an everchanging world, built on a strong academic foundation with a Biblical world view.”

Q: What is the difference between a for-profit school and non-profit school?

A: The key distinction between a for-profit and non-profit school is the way that revenue earned by the school is invested. For-profit schools have investors that they must answer to, and these investors expect to make a profit. This means that most for-profit schools operate with profitability as their chief imperative. Money earned by the school may be used to pay out investors and award bonuses to executives, as well as sustain the operation's profitability through marketing and recruitment strategies. By contrast, non-profit schools must reinvest the money earned through enrollment into the educational mission. The result is usually a more consistent and reliable quality of education, instruction, and curriculum.

Q: Will my student’s education change now that ACE is a non-profit school?

A:  No. Our curriculum and daily operations will remain the same. 

Q: Is my tuition now tax-deductible?

A: No.  Tuition payments, before/after care and club payments are not tax deductible.  However, any separate donations to ACE such as cash and non-cash donations (e.g. computers) that follow IRS rules are tax-deductible. As always, we are happy to provide dependent care receipts for families who request them for tax purposes.


Q: Who is on the ACE Board? And why were they selected?
A: Click here to read about the ACE Board members. Mrs. Rogers, as the ACE Head of School, is now the NPO president. Mrs. Rogers asked parents she believed would be a good fit as servant leaders to help start this new initiative.